Raku Happenings - continued / by Alexander Evans

Since getting back from my surgery break things at Raku Dining in Canberra have been going full steam ahead. I identified a couple of new spaces that had potential for displaying arrangements in the restaurant. The challenge in this case however was to create arrangements that can be displayed on the wall. With that in mind I set about making new containers as I didn't really have containers that would be suitable. This time I decided to make some from timber in which I could hide a glass container for the water. The result was very satisfying.

The following week I decided to revisit making relief arrangements for the wall spots as I found this quite an enjoyable exercise during the course of my studies. So I collected some of my dry materials and painted them, soon I was all assembled and ready to hang.

I also developed a new way to show arrangements in the private dining room by suspending a customised circular shelf using fishing wire. The private dining room is a tricky space for arrangements, the table is relatively narrow and all the surface is needed for serving meals and the room is cosy meaning anything poking out can be easily knocked. There really are only a couple of spaces where arrangements can be displayed without being at risk of being bumped or knocked. By using my own shelf suspended from the ceiling up against a wall it means I can try out different spots around the room untill I find one that works best. It also means I can use standard containers without always having one specifically designed to go on the wall. Here are the shelf based arrangements so far.

As per usuall I also provided arrangements for the main space in the restaurant, although some I dont have photographs for. In keeping with what I was making for the hanging spaces on the wall I went for dry materials, some of which were painted and some left in their natural state. The benefit of dry materials being that they can last as long as needed, although one doesn't want to leave them tooooo long as people may become bored if they see them too often. More Raku happenings coming soon.