Currently taking registration for classes commencing in February of 2018.

All Classes and workshops are held at my home studio in Murrumbateman, NSW. The studio is quite close to Canberra and is only a 25 minute drive along the Barton Hwy from the northern side of the ACT through beautiful scenery of vineyards and small farms. Tea, coffee, water and biscuits are available to students at all classes and workshops, (though students with special dietary requirements are asked to please B.Y.O.). 


Floral art influenced by ikebana
Informal classes
$250 (includes 5 x 2.5hrs)

Each block of classes run over 5 sessions as per the schedule, (usually one per week). Each class runs for approximately 2.5 hours
Payment in cash at commencement of first class. Please click below to see the calendar of dates for the current and upcoming block of classes. (For Block 2 classes scroll through the calendar to April)

Class size: is limited to a maximum of five students. This ensures that each student receives personal attention and guidance in their learning.

Please note: these classes do not form part of the Sogetsu certificate course and are outside of the traditional curriculum.

The informal classes offer a basic appreciation and understanding of the principles and tools of the Floral Art of Japan as influenced by Sogetsu Ikebana. You will be able to enjoy demonstrations as well as try your hand at making a number of arrangements in both traditional style and free style. Plant materials - flowers and branches, are included for the first class but thereafter you will need to source and bring flowers  branches and other materials of your own choice. All vases for use in class will be provided. In classes you may make use of the tools that are provided or you may wish to purchase your own traditional ikebana tools (which will be available for sale during class). It should be noted that the purchase of tools is not a requirement.

At the conclusion of this course you will be well prepared to go on to further, formal studies in Ikebana if you wish. Alternatively you are welcome to sign up for my casual sessions with informal guidance which is a great way to stay motivated and to continue to enjoy the wonderful art of Ikebana. 

Where there is enough demand new classes can be scheduled to suit interested students. If you are not able to attend the current classes but would still like to study ikebana, please register your interest for future classes.

Book 1 - Certificate in Sogetsu Ikebana
Formal Classes

Coming in mid to late 2018

Informal Casual Class
$30 per session
Session time is 2.5 hrs

Please note: these classes do not form part of the Sogetsu certificate course and are outside of the traditional curriculum.

Informal Casual Classes run once per week and have space for up to 5 students. Spaces in these classes are allocated on a first come first served basis with bookings via email closing 2 days prior to the class. Payment in advance by bank transfer.

The idea in these informal classes is to keep things fun and interesting whilst continuing to develop skills and knowledge without the specific aim of achieving a certificate. In these classes we use the materials to explore a theme or concept that changes week by week. These classes are designed for students that have already completed the Introduction course or who are already studying formally and simply wish for an additional opportunity to develop their skills and have fun with ikebana.  These are a great way to keep up your floral art or ikebana practice and continue participating in a vibrant and growing community.