Now at Raku Dining! / by Alexander Evans

It's been a little while since my last blog post but there have been a few things bubbling away that I was waiting to share with you. One of these is that HanaKuma Ikebana is now providing Ikebana arrangments to Raku Dining in Canberra's cerntral business district of Civic. Raku is a top class Japanese restaurant serving some of the most excellent traditional favourites and modern interpretations of the finest Japanese cuisine in a stunningly decorated environment where you can enjoy your meal whilst watching the master chefs at work! You can now also enjoy taking in a view of some of my own lovely arrangements as you enjoy your meal. I must say I pass my most heartfelt thanks to Raku for this wonderful opportunity to show my work in such a wonderful environment. See below for a visual treat to go with your culinary feast!

If you'd like to check out what delicious foods that Raku Dining has on offer or you'd like to make a booking please click on the link below to visit their page.