Ikebana and me

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About Ikebana

Where it all began...

The practice of Ikebana started hundreds of years ago in the temples of Japan. The placing of offerings at temple altars had been a practice in Japan since very ancient times in both the Shinto and Buddhist traditions. This included the offering of flowers to honour and please the Gods, Saints, Ancestors and Spirits. Eventually the monks and priests making these offerings began to arrange them in ways which they felt were both pleasing and that represented the beauty of the natural world. Over time this became the practice of Ikebana, spreading from temples to the homes of nobles and wealthy merchants eventually coming to be enjoyed by people from all walks of life in Japan as we know it today. Over this time a number of different styles and approaches to ikebana have become formalised into specific schools each with their own particular aesthetic sensitivities, tools and practical skills. Sogetsu Ikebana is one of these and is the school of ikebana that I have been studying for a number of years.

What makes ikebana special...

Ikebana is the approach by which we take something from nature and seek to reveal its essential character, natural perfection and beauty in ways that are not possible in a garden context. The flowers and materials we work with in ikebana are not only 'arranged' but are instead brought to life by the skilled hands of the practitioner. In this sense it is far from simply placing flowers in a vase and even has quite a different approach to working with materials, both natural and unconventional, than the practice of western floristry. Through Ikebana we can see and experience the transient and fragile beauty of flowers and natural materials in their most pure essence, bringing delight, surprise, elegance and joy, uplifting mind and spirit in the process.

About Me

I've been studying Ikebana since 2014 in both Canberra and Sydney as well as having had the great privilege of having some lessons at Sogetsu Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

My professional background and original university degree was in Graphic Design and I worked in that industry for over a decade, still occasionally doing some projects here and there. I presently hold six certificates in the practice of Ikebana and have attended a number of formal workshops as well as having participated in exhibitions in both Canberra (Canberra Nara Candle Festival in both 2015 and 2016) and Sydney (Sydney botanic gardens 2017, 2018 & 2019). At the 2016 Canberra Nara Candle festival I led 2 workshops of 10 people in which they were able to create a basic traditional arrangement.

Through continued study I have qualified as an Officially Accredited Sogetsu Ikebana Teacher at the beginning of 2019, and am now teaching students the curriculum of the official text book provided by Sogetsu School. I can still offer informal instruction in Ikebana on request, (though informal study does not contribute to certification).

My hope is to help you start an ikebana journey that will bring you great joy and excitement for years to come. By offering study tailored to each student you can pace your learning in a way and mode that suits you. After studying with Hanakuma Ikebana you will have a sound appreciation and understanding of what ikebana is and some foundation skills and knowledge that will enable you to make ikebana arrangements that you can enjoy at home or even in your workplace!